The appointment

The appointment in a day’s period in a violent Rome which brushes the protagonists when evening will prove to be different from what it was in the morning …

Direction: Veronica Bilbao La Veja

Screenplay: Massimo Felisatti Giovanna Senesi

Director of photography: Giuseppe Berardini

Editing: Patrizia Ceresani

Music: Alessandro Molinari

Production: Caro Film

Cast: Gianna Breil Alessia Fugardi Alberto Molinari Franco Oppini

Time: 88’

Year: 2001
Festivals in which he participated in 2002:
Italian Film Festival di Toronto
Cairo International Film Festival
Miff Milano Festival
Valdarno Cinema Fedic
Festival di Sulmona
Festival del Cinema Indipendente di Foggia where he won the Press Award for Best Picture Festival del Cinema Europeo di Bucarest, di Timosoara e di Iasi (Romania)
Festival del Film Europeo di Chisinau (Repubblica Moldova).

Each subject has its own independent apartment apparently by others but they are all connected to each other and at the same time different from what was believed at the beginning of the day. The story takes place in Rome over one day’s period, from dawn to night. One of the many social centers, born in an old stable property owned by the state, they meet people of various ethnic groups. Rosa, a young girl in her teens, plays an African instrument, the kora, in her musical group. Linda, a forty year old, teaches ballet to little girls. Life seems to go quiet in the middle of preparations for a party that evening, however, a threat looms. Romano, a thirty year old arrogant, brings a letter of eviction signed by a lawyer Parisi. To hear this name Linda winces and says she knows him and wants to meet him. Thus begins a strange journey in the car of Linda and Romano, who could not be more different, in the chaotic city devastated by constant construction sites scattered that seem to swallow the tide of cars and stories. Linda for that unusual situation and the fact of seeing certain places becomes a journey back where her ghosts resurface. Parallel Rosa, constantly angry, faces every day as the city and seeks refuge in music. During the day Linda and Rosa at different times intersect without meeting. Behind them there is a ghost common. In the violent city big and small tragedies happen: a black prostitute is raped, the dog of Rosa and her friend are killed by the thugs, a Kurdish girl is bargaining lawyer Parisi to appropriate the social center … These events touching on protagonists define the relationships between them, and bring out the ghosts. It turns out that Rose is Linda’s daughter, divides the past from the terrorist’s mother and father died in those years of lead. The hell of the city pushes the two protagonists to come closer: Rosa comes out of prison to return nightly to Linda and gives her a music box recorded with her. Their relationship begins from music, where you left off all those years ago when Linda was teaching the first notes to her daughter.