The Hooligan

Why a hooligan?

Film on youth problems of those who do not recognize self-realization through work and fell in the only way: violence.

Direction: Veronica Perugini
Editing: Chiara Anselmi
Photograph: Giuseppe Lanci
Music: Alessandro Molinari
Screenplay: Veronica Perugini, Giancarlo Sartoretto
Cast: Giacomo Zito (Loris), Michela Cescon (Vania), Paolo Fagiolo ,Claudio Mezzelani, Carlo Vitale
Year: 1994
Time: 90′
Production: Caro Film
Special Mention Festival on Social Discomfort San Salvo 1996Rientrato nel progetto MEDIA Salles – 1995, 5° ediz. di “L’Europa si incontra al cinema”
Included in the program AGIS School.


Loris belongs to a family of humble origins; full of uncertainties, doubts. Follows a socially traditional path: a woman, a job … but his experiences throw him more and more into a dimension of fragility. Loris walks and searches for himself an environment that seems more and more suffocating, where conflicts and contradictions are increasing and do not allow him to draw up an individual itinerary. Finally, after searching the most different trades, not only has to adapt and choose a conformism that turns him into a hooligan.