Who we are | Caro Film

Caro Film is a production and film distribution company. Makes its own productions and also works for other parties as a production executive.

Other films produced:
FROM BEYOND THE SEA, 2009 (executive producer) directed by Jean Sarto, has been shown in numerous Italian and European festivals.
THE APPOINTMENT, 2002 directed by Veronica Bilbao La Vieja. Shown in the Italian Film Festival in Toronto, the Cairo International Film Festival, the European Film Festival in Bucharest, Timosoara and Iasi (Romania) and the European Film Festival in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova). It ‘was one of the first Italian film launched the network in 2003.
THE HOOLIGAN , 1994 directed by Veronica Perugini, special mention at the Festival on Social Discomfort of San Salvo, in 1996, returned to the project MEDIA Salles – 1995, 5th ed. of “Europe meets the cinema.” Proposed in the program AGIS School.