San Nicola
Orient Express

From the director of Brindisi, Federico Rizzo, author ESCAPE FROM THE CALL CENTER, it works fresh, mocking, subtly corrosive, paradoxical on precarious becomes precariousness of feelings where the audience laughs bitter as befits the best Italian comedy.
A new film about the hopes of a country in disarray, two losers looking for redemption for a new renaissance full of candor.

Damian is a forty massive source of Friuli with the dream of making the Sumo wrestler, a type naive believe that life is a picture story and so easy to poke fun, Antonio instead is a former toxic apulian, sorely tried by life and by a reality that is not the befits. He lives his first day of freedom after a period spent in the community, proves to be an eccentric person, but also inconsistent and unable to cope with life. They are two completely different people who have nothing in common except the fact of living in a city like Bari, the former because it is perpetually engaged to a place, the second because the community was in a farm in the countryside.

Both end up being easy prey for the local boss, a shady guy who calls himself Matera, which obliges them to spy a pizzeria located in Bari Old, just in front of the Basilica of San Nicola and named in honor of the saint , SAN NICOLA ORIENT EXPRESS, pizzeria run by Turks and that will force the sequence of events, Antonio to yield to Said, the manager of the pizzeria, known as bisexual. The two friends inconclusive and absurd, for a series of eventful circumstances, they manage to enter in the back of the pizzeria that works as a place of prayer Turkish, and stealing money hidden. Leaving steals a necklace that is a relic of St. Nicholas the East, which would be the same St. Nicholas of Bari, whose remains were stolen by the pirates from Bari in Turkey a few centuries ago.

And from here the story becomes a road movie chase reckless for the peninsula with constant twists and daring stalking. The two find themselves trying to catch a gym and sumo run by the brother of a friend of Antonio between shootings, escapes, extreme situations, abysmal misinterpretations and misunderstandings in abundance, which is located in a street road that you do not know the name but only the number 333, in a big city. In addition to the Turks that shoot easily, it crosses a Sicilian family, a group of young people who live together with an old, dangerous drug dealers who try to prevent our two characters to achieve their goals. Will they succeed? Of course they do, but where they will lead the train of desires San Nicola Orient Express? logo
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